Risk Assessments for Specific Activities

Our Risk Assessments include a written evaluation of both the return on risk (the upside) and the potential for loss (the downside), plus we identify any legal or compliance risks and risk mitigation techniques needed. These may include recommendations for insurance, new policies, training, risk transfer or other management as may be appropriate to the specific risk. You will have a document that will:

  • Support the institution’s decision-making process on whether or not to engage in the assessed activity.
  • Provide a clear strategy for managing the risk or compliance concern.

Risk Assessments can include a wide range of concerns, such as:

  • Risks taken on by a student organization (e.g., clubs or events)
  • Risks associated with employment activities (e.g., a work-at-home program).
  • Risks associated with academic activities (e.g., field trips, international travel, research).
  • New ventures that the institution wishes to undertake.