Policy Development and Implementation

Policy development can be a very personal, process oriented activity for an institution that is very time consuming. A project leader who is experienced in leading committees in policy development and implementation can speed the process and help the group successfully navigate the many facets of the work.

Sometimes an institution needs a policy/procedure on a compliance or risk area that is not unique to the organization, whether because the government closely proscribes the requirement or because it is a standard administrative concern. Selecting and refining a policy/procedure from our templates with a modicum of fine-tuning can save an institution time, money and effort with a highly satisfactory outcome. Schools often look to other institutions to get examples of policies or procedures. We can help to winnow out policies/programs that may be incomplete, confusing, inappropriate or excessively complicated. Examples of policies that can be quickly provided include:

  • Vehicle management and driver qualifications policies and procedures
  • Child safety and molestation prevention
  • Student waivers and waiver management (dependent upon state laws – not available in all states)
  • Contracting/contract management policy plus training for key employees (train the trainer)
  • Animals on Campus/In Buildings or Service Animals/Pet Policy
  • Bus - Chartering/Renting
  • Candle/Open Flame Policy
  • No Cell Phones or Texting While Driving
  • Conflict of interest policy for researchers or key employees
  • Pool/water safety
  • Other policies or procedures in support of risk or compliance management
  • Customized policy development is always an option.
  • Conflict of interest policy for researchers or key employees
  • Title IX – Sexual Harassment and Assault

Whether you choose to develop a policy from scratch or start with a template, Elizabeth’s experience can make the process easier for your administrators and your institution.