Lead Administrators in Specific Compliance Self-Assessments

Institutions can benefit by self-assessing their compliance with specific areas of regulation (e.g., Title IV, ADA, Title IX). Our self-assessment process is designed to:

  • Help managers with compliance responsibilities fully understand the nuances of the regulations
  • Identify any gaps or lapses in the organization’s compliance efforts
  • Identify quick fixes that can be implemented immediately
  • Develop a plan to address deeper compliance needs (such as policy development)

If the institution has concerns about legal implications for specific areas of non-compliance, all work can be done in conjunction with legal counsel to establish legal privilege to the extent possible. This approach will usually be more cost effective than having outside counsel do all of the compliance assessment work.

This process benefits the institution by giving administrators the opportunity to address compliance concerns as they go through the process. It also serves to educate the administrators on their compliance responsibilities and help them create compliance processes that can be effectively managed.